Performance tests for small horse breeds

The Westphalian Stud Book organises various performance tests for small horse breeds ranging from Shetland ponies to German riding ponies. The spacious facilities of the Westphalian Horse Centre offer ideal training and testing conditions.

The dates, announcements and entry forms for the respective performance tests can be found on the FN portal


CI 30-day station test for stallions - breeding direction riding
The station test for pony stallions takes place from at the Westphalian Horse Centre. Three-year-old and older ponies of the breeds Deutsches Reitpony, Connemara Pony, New Forest Pony and Welsh are eligible to participate. The station test consists of a preliminary test, which covers the entire training period, and a two-day final test. Based on the training impressions, the training manager assesses the ponies' interior, gaits, jumping ability (free jumping and course jumping) as well as their suitability for the terrain. In the final examination, two expert judges assess the above-mentioned characteristics and two external riders also assess the rideability.

Upon successful completion of the station test (minimum score 6.5), the pony stallions are fully performance tested and are finally entered in Stallion Book I.

DI 2 days short test for stallions - breeding direction riding
The two-day short test for ponies of the breeds Deutsches Reitpony, Connemara Pony, Lewitzer, New Forest Pony and Welsh will be held with the final test of the station test for pony stallions. Three to six year old ponies are eligible to participate. Exception: for the Connemara pony breed, four-year-old and older ponies are eligible.
The requirements include a dressage test followed by a test for riders, in which the basic gaits and rideability are assessed, as well as free jumping and show jumping.
If the 2-day short test is completed by the end of the calendar year in which the stallion turns four, he can be provisionally registered in Stallion Book I. A final registration is made in combination with the stallion's stallion book. A final registration is made in combination with a qualification for the Bundeschampionat of five or six year old show jumping/dressage/ eventing ponies.
Performance test for Shetland Ponies, German Partbred Shetland Pony, German Classic Pony, Welsh, Connemara Ponies (<138 cm), Dülmener, Lewitzer, as well as other approved breeds.

EIII Field Test for Stallions - Breeding direction Driving/Interieur/Cross Country
EIV Field Test for Mares and Geldings - Breeding Direction Driving

In summer a performance test for ponies of various breeds with the primary breeding direction of driving will be held on the spacious grounds of the Westfälisches Pferdestammbuch. There will be one field test each for stallions and for mares and geldings from the age of three (exception: Connemara from the age of four).
The mares and geldings complete a driving task and are tested by an external driver and finally receive marks for the gaits walk and trot as well as for the driving layout.
In the case of stallions, the harnessing is also included in the evaluation and, in addition, the driving ability in the field is evaluated.
An overall score of more than 7.5 also means that the stallion or mare will be awarded the title of performance stallion or performance mare.

Contact person:
Franziska Pellengahr-Gröblinghoff
Phone: 0251 32809 15