Westphalian riding horse and pony auctions

Westphalian Spring Summer Auction on June 12

The next Westphalian summer auction will take place online on June 12. Quality riding horses for dressage and jumping will be up for sale.

The collection will be made available on our online auction platform onlineauction.westfalenpferde.de.

Due to the renovation work at the Westphalian Horse Centre in Münster-Handorf, the training of the
dressage candidates of the Westphalian Summer Auction will not take place as usual. This time the horses will be stabled at the Haus Giesking stud in Nottuln-Appelhülsen. The auction candidates will move into their stalls at the stud on Monday, May 30, and can be inspected in the daily training from June 1 onwards and tried out after arranging a personal appointment. On June 1 and 2, training will take place under the direction of Christoph Hess and will be open to the public. Current training impressions will be recorded on Friday June 3 and made available afterwards at onlineauction.westfalenpferde.de.

The show jumpers will be stabled as usual at the Westphalian horse center in Münster-Handorf.

Have a look at the acution catalogue for the Westphalian Summer auction 2022 here.

Timetable for the Westphalian summer auction 2022

Auction catalogue for the Westphalian Summer Auction 2022

Have a look at the auction catalogue of the Westphalian summer auction 2022.

Auction dates

  Auction dates
Dates for the trail week
Spring Auction 2022 April 10 February 14 to 18
Summer Auction 2022 June 12 May 2 to 6
Autum Auction 2022 October 2 August 15 to 19

Our auction team

Thomas Münch  Auction and sales manager Tel.: 0049 170-5649051  
Britta Knaup Assistent of auction management Tel.: 0049 251-3280958
Florian Buck Sales dressage horses and ponys Tel.: 0049 172-7221394
Carsten Lenz Sales jumping horses Tel.: 0049 173-5367568
Julius Reinacher Sales jumping horses Tel.: 0049 160-7821720
Melanie Wienand After-Sales-Service Tel.: 0049 173-3864252

Our auction riders

You have questions about one of our auction horses and would like first-hand information about rideability and behaviour? We will be happy to organise a call with the rider of the auction horse for you. Please contact Melanie Wienand by telephone on 0049 173 – 3 86 42 52.