Westphalian riding horse and pony auctions

Westphalian Spring Auction 2024

The Westphalian Spring Auction will take place on April 14 as an OnLive Auction. Bids can then be placed live on site at the Westphalian Horse Center or online at onlineauction.westfalenpferde.de.

The auction candidates will move into their stables at the Westphalian Horse Center on April 2. Current training impressions of the dressage and jumping auction candidates will be available online from April 5.

Whether dressage or jumping specialist, dreams come true with one of these young hopefuls. But this Westphalian auction lot also has horses for high-level leisure sport and real friends for life. The young talents can be viewed and tried out in training at any time by personal appointment.

To the lot of the Westphalian Spring Auction 2024.

Time schedule Westphalian Spring auction

Night before Auction Party

Westphalian riding horse auctions 2023

The Westphalian riding horse auctions will be carried out in an OnLive-Format. Bids can be placed live on site in the Westphalian auction arena and online at onlineauction.westfalenpferde.de.

  Auktion date
Trial week
Spring-Auction 2024 April 14 February 19 to 22
Summer-Auction 2024 June 9 April 29 to May 2
Autumn-Auction 2024 September 29 August 19 to 22

Our auction team

Thomas Münch  Auction and sales manager Tel.: 0049 170-5649051  
Britta Knaup Assistent of auction management Tel.: 0049 251-3280958
Florian Buck Sales dressage horses and ponys Tel.: 0049 172-7221394
Carsten Lenz Sales jumping horses Tel.: 0049 173-5367568
Julius Reinacher Sales jumping horses Tel.: 0049 160-7821720
Luca Peveling Sales dressage horses, After sales service Tel.: 0049 172-3723029


The auction is over, the horse has found a new owner, but what happens now?

With the unique after-sales service, the team of the Westphalian Studbook is also available after the auction to help buyers and exhibitors with all occuring questions. From the settlement of the invoice, to the collection of the horse, to the further stabling and training of the new horse, we answer questions and arrange contacts to our cooperation partners.

Contact person after the auction:
Luca-Marie Peveling
Phone: +49 172 - 37 23 029
Fax: +49 (0)251 - 32 809 94

Our service offers:

  • Coordination of the handover of the horse between buyer and seller (if the handover does not take place in Münster-Handorf)
  • Arranging contacts to transport companies for transports within and outside of Germany
  • Preparation of transport documents, TRACES, customs
  • Preparation of current photo and video impressions of the horse
  • Organisation of contacts to stabling places, riding and training stables, show presentation, preparation for mare performance test, licensing, etc.