The Heart of our Association

This  is the showplace of our exciting auctions, the training grounds for our talented youngsters, and the gathering place for our members and fans.  It is here that many of our Westphalian stars will be spotted at auction and it is here that our dedicated training  team come together to produce outstanding horses.

Since 1980,  the Westphalian Breeding Association has excelled in developing this as a special venue for testing their stallions and mares.  We have developed an impressive array of tests for all of our breeds’ stallions in including Warmbloods, Draft Horses, Haflingers, and Ponies. In addition, we have produced a rigorous testing system for our breed’s mares. It is here that entrants for the German National Championships, the much lauded Bundeschampionate are decided by our expert panel of judges.

Our talented team of trainers are busy throughout the year working with young jumping and dressage horses to promote their talent, fitness and confidence for presentation at auction or privately through their member owners.

In addition to training riding horses, our team prepare stallions and mares for their approval, presentation and help to select candidates for sale and exhibition events.

Whatever the activity,  the association gives  the best of care to each horse and pony.