Stud Book Registration for Mares

To document the bloodlines and pedigree of the mare,  the mare will need to be registered with the Westphalian Stud Book as a broodmare.  The mare must be presented at a Westphalian Breeders Association Mare Exhibition in Munster-Handorf.

They will be presented in hand at walk and trot on a triangle track. 
In addition, the judges will evaluate their confirmation. Judges can award a total of 6 marks for type, confirmation, halt, walk, trot and overall impression.


Throughout these exhibitions a list of the best and most eligible mares will be created for selection at the elite show. Data is collected including birthdate, color, markings and breeding and proof of lineage must be presented for successful registration at the elite show.  


For more information about entering your mare into the elite mare show please contact.

Dietmar Reher (to contact about horses and draft horses).


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