To measure strength

The Westphalian horse is appreciated beyond the borders of the region. To ensure the quality and performance of the Westphalian horses, a strict selection of the stallions according to specified guidelines is needed - for example in the Stallion Performance Test (HLP).

The licensed stallions are registered at the request of its licensing in the stud book. Thus, they receive temporary permission to cover as three year old stallions.

Four year old approved stallions must either complete a 30-day trial or a 70-day trial for registration in the stud book. With successful completion of the 70-day trial, the stallions receive a final registration in the stallion book I.

Five year old approved stallions who pass the 30-day trial require four-year placement in a show jumper, suitability, terrain horses or dressage test with a score of 7.5 or better to be further entered in the stud book for the time being.

Six year old approved stallions who pass the 30-day test must have a qualification for the Federal Championships in  German Jumping, Eventing or Dressage to be thus definitively entered in the stud book.

The central coordination of the stallion performance tests is carried out on the German Equestrian Federation (FN) in Warendorf.