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Equestrian Center

  • Katrin Tosberg

    Trainer and Manager of the Equestrian Centre
    Tel: 0251-3280957
    Fax: 02513280991

  • Matthias Granzow

    Customer care

  • Lisa Schalück

    Assistant of Katrin Tosberg
    Tel.: 0251-32809 50
    Fax 0251-3280991

  • Marco Zimmermann

    Dressage Horse Training
    Tel.: 0179-2229241

    Marco Zimmermann

    Dressage Horse Training

    Marco Zimmermann started with the association in 1982 and his man equestrian successes at National jumping and dressage championships have helped him to understand and respect the importance of careful and fundamental training techniques for the dressage at the Stammbuch.


  • Tanja Krampe

    Training dressage horses

  • Sophia Spittka

    Training dressage horses

  • Francesca-Marija Lopar

    Training dressage horses

  • Bernd Schulze Topphoff

    Trainer Show Jumpers
    Tel.: 0172- 531 5256

    Bernd Schulze Topphoff

    Trainer Show Jumpers

    An extremely talented show jumper in his own right,  Bernd Schulze Topphoff was recognized with a national gold riding medal for his many victories in the show ring.  Bernd Schulze Topphoff extends his talent to giving our young horses in training the fundamentals and confidence they require to become top level performers.  In addition to training young horses,  Bernd Schulze Topphoff oversees his team of young riders who assist in association training program.

  • Josefine Thamm

    Riding young horses

  • Matthis Millrath

    Trainee Classical riding education

    Matthis Millrath



  • Daniela Printz

    Stable Management Assistant

    Daniela Printz

    Stable Management Assistant

    Joining the Westalen Studbook in 2005,  Daniela works as a top groom, preparing and caring auction horses from the moment they arrive at our equestrian center.



  • Marina Jürgens

    Stable Management Assistant

  • Kristina Barthel

    Stable Management Assistant

  • Daria Hanebrink

    Stable Management Assistant

  • Laura Henze


  • Joana Börnemann


  • Marie Cremann


  • Torsten Lefert

    Equestrian Center Caretaker
    Tel.: 0251-32809 65