Our chance to Impress You

The Westphalian Breeders’ Association holds 7 auctions per year into which we assemble a collection of carefully selected young stock.  Since our first auction in 1953 we have been providing international buyers a venue from which to choose the best from our local Westphalian breeders  The Westphalian horse has a well deserved reputation of being sensible, strong and courageous thanks to a carefully considered system  of bloodline management through our Westphalian Stud Book.

Famous Westphalian performance and breeding stallions such as Rubinstein I, Florestan 1, Pilot , Cornet Obolensky, Allerdings, Fürst Piccolo and current superstar Damon Hill are testament to the quality and success of the Westphalian sport horse. Showcasing the young talent from these great bloodlines are what make the Westphalian Elite and Special auctions such thrilling events. 

We hold 7 auctions at our Equestrian Center in Munster-Handorf:

 Each of these auctions can be attended in person or watched live on the direct stream Web channel www.clipmyhorse.de. Bids can be accepted in person or by telephone at any of our auctions. To learn more about how you can register with us to receive a print catalogue and attend our auction contact our Auction team.

To view our online catalogue of the upcoming complete with a video of each horse click : View the Catalogue