Westphalian Main licensing

Westphalian main Licensing 2020

The Westphalian main licensing 2020 will takes place from November 23 to November 25.


On Sunday, November 22, starting at 12 pm, the stallion licensing at the Westfälisches Pferdestammbuch e.V. starts. Due to the current restrictions in public life, the licensing has been extended to four days. The start will be made by about 50 highly talented dressage stallions. These will first present themselves on Sunday at the newly designed triangular course at the Westfälisches Pferdezentrum. Afterwards, lunging is on the schedule starting at 3 pm. On Monday, November 23, the licensing candidates with dressage pedigrees will show themselves at 8.30 am in free running and await the final licensing decision. The selection of the premium stallions and the celebration of the champion stallion will follow at 2 pm. At 5 pm the stallions for sale will enter the auction round. The auction will take place as an OnLive-Auction.

Tuesday and Wednesday are dedicated to the jumping stallions. About 30 highly talented jumping aspirants present themselves to the licensing commission. The start signal will be given on Tuesday at 10 am on the trianlge. At 1 pm the stallions will show their skills in free running and free jumping in the arena. Tuesday morning also starts with the free jumping followed by the licensing decision. At this second free jumping the stallions do not show their talent in a free jumping grid but only over a single jump. This year's stallion licensing ends with the selection of the premium stallions and the proclamation of the champion stallion. The auction of the stallions for sale will start at 4 pm.

The complete event will be broadcast live on ClipMyHorse.TV.

Procedure and test of the OnLive-Auction
For the first time, the Westfälisches Pferdestammbuch e.V. hosts an OnLive auction at the stallion sales. This means that bids can be placed both on site in the hall and online at onlineauction.westfalenpferde.de. The lot of the stallions for sale can already be found on the online platform. In order to familiarize interested customers with the system, a test auction will be held on Sunday evening, November 22. Auctioneer Thomas Münch will auction off the virtual auction candidates from at 8.15 pm. The test auction can be watched in the live stream. Registered users can also bid and test the system.


Contact person for all enquiries concerning stallions:
Dietmar Reher
Tel. +49 (0) 251-32 809 16
Fax +49 (0) 251-32 809 94              

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