Westphalian Main licensing 2016

21.-23. November 2016

„The Stallion Licensing is a time honored tradition which happens at the end of November". 

A panel of 6 judges including our own Managing Director,  Mr. Wilken Treu,  carefully choose finalists from a group of 70 stallions over 3 days.

Judged on their pedigree, confirmation, temperament and movement,  the finalists are registered as Graded Breeding Stallions for the Westfalen Stud Book.  The Subsequent Stallion Auction on the Wednesday has a large selection of approximately 50 graded and non-graded stallions.

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All information about the stallions and the licensing will be explained. If you would like to order a catalogue please contact  Ms Rösmann.

The Collection

    Time schedule, tickets and contact persons

    Time schedule

    Monday, 21st November

    11.30 am 1. Inspection: Inspection on hard ground of all stallions
    2.00 pm 2. Inspection:
       Free running of show jumping stallions with walking ring
    4.30 pm 2. Inspection:
       Lunging of dressage stallions with walking ring
    7.30pm "Stallion gathering" Marquee
    Tuesday, 22nd November
    9.00 am 3. Inspection: Free running, Freejumping of all dressage stallions with licensing decision
    3.30 pm    3. Inspection:
    Free running, Freejumping of all show jumping stallions with licensing decision
    6.30 pm "Breeders evening" Marquee
    Wednesday, 23rd November
    10.00 am Presentation of all licensed stallions with the nomination for premium stallion followed by the presentation of all non licensed auction candidates
    11.00 am VTV / R+V / Derby Championat
    12.00 pm Award giving
    1.30 pm Starparade
    2.00 pm Finals Dressage / Finals Show Jumping
    3.00 pm Auction

    Day ticket Monday 5 €
    Day ticket Tuesday 15 €
    Day ticket Wednesday 10 €

    Season ticket for all days: 20 €

    To order tickets or for more information please contact  Ms Rösmann.


    Contact persons
    Bernd Richter
     Friederike Kampmeyer
    Carsten Lenz