The Westphalian Studbook e.V. is a registered association that relies on energetic and committed partners. We would like to use this page to thank all the companies and individuals who walk the path to a promising future with us. We are proud to not only work together with German companies but also to have foreign partners to support us. For many years strong business relationships have been formed as well as longstanding friendships. They all have one thing in common-the preservation and promotion of the Westphalian horse.

If you are also interested to get involved with the Westphalian Studbook e.V., please contact:

Leonie von Finckenstein.

  • LVM Insurance

    THe LVM insurance company has been involved with the Westphalian Studbook eV. for generations.  They share the same passion and are great partners.

  • DERBY® Breeding

    Since more than 40 years, the brand DERBY presents high quality products of feed and horse grooming. Their aim is to produce premium products for horses that meet the needs of horses for leisure and competitive riding.

  • Reitsport Wohlhorn

    Over 30 years the family owned business has been involved with horses. Ranging from equestrian sport accesoires, fashion and equipment to do with horses, they are located in 3 towns around Münster.

    Reitsport Wohlhorn in Alverskirchen
    Everswinkeler Straße 21a, 48351 Alverskirchen,
    Tel.: 02582 / 1674, Fax: 02582 / 9757

    Warendorfer Sattelkammer in Warendorf
    Dreibrückenstraße 32, 48231 Warendorf
    Tel.: 02581 / 8728, Fax: 02581 / 02581 / 2416

    Reitsport Wohlhorn in Münster-Nienberge
    Altenberger Straße 22, 48161 Münster-Nienberge
    Tel.: 02533 / 935 9740, Fax:  02533 / 935 9741
    E-Mail: info@wohlhorn.com Internet: www.wohlhorn.de


  • Equine Events & PR

    Equine Events specialises in video production, branding & online marketing, we converge media and technology to reflect consumer behavior and thinking.  Driven by a passion for creativity, their talented team transform break through ideas and innovation into powerful brand experiences. Equine Events is the producer of both image movies for the Westphalian Studbook e.V..


  • Nathalie Todd Photography

    They are a real and truthful representation of a moment in time.  But they can also be an artistic vision – to look into the soul of the being they have captured.  This is why Nathalie Todd became a photographer. Nathalie Todd did all the Image photos on the Westphalian Website. 


  • The westphalian horse museum in Münster

    A unique concept and the attractive location of the Allwetterzoo Münster make the Westphalian Horse Museum an experience for everyone. Apart from 1,000 square meters exhibition space and a generous foyer, the Arena Hippomaxx, where horse shows and other events regularly take place, belongs to the museum. Since May 2005 the Children and Horse Park is linked to the museum. Here, children can experience different breeds of horses and giant Poitou donkeys.