The Northrhine - Westphalian State Stud

Modern Horse Breeding with Tradition and Pride

The Northrhine-Westphalian State Stud Warendorf was founded in 1826 by the Prussian Stud Administration in response to breeders request.  After 1945 the state of Northrhine -Westphalia took over this State Stud though it’s principal task of providing breeders with high-quality and genetically successful stallions for reasonable stud fees has remained unchanged.

The State Stud runs a network of 19 stallion stations for cover and insemination throughout Westphalia and Rhineland.  All of them are managed by skilled personnel.  The stud keeps an average stock of 65 warmbloods, 1 thoroughbred and 22 draft stallions. The main purpose of breeding draft horses (Kaltblut )is to preserve valuable genes to these traditional and historically valuable specimens.


Partners in Breeding Excellence

Since the foundation of the Westphalian Breeders Association in 1904 there has been a close partnership with the Northrhine-Westphalian State Stud in Warendorf. The first stallion, performance tests were run together as was the first stallion licensing which were conducted at the State Stud.  As the biggest stallion keeper in Northrhine-Westphalia there has always been importance to the stud.  Historically, when there were almost no breeding stations set up through the state, the State Stud in Warendorf was the principal contact point for breeders.  Nowadays the State Stud has one of major collections of Westphalian stallions, thus keeping many different bloodlines and preserving important breeding genes.


NRW Stallion: Cornado

Legendary Stallions of the Northrhine-Westphalian State Stud

There has been an important cast of stallions standing stud at the State stud over the years.  The legendary Florestan 1 is one of the mot successful sires of all times with thousands of successful offspring that have become champion in the dressage arena. Pilot has been father to many world class jumping horses as well outstanding breeding stallions and mares. Polydor won the WBFSH title as the best sire of the world while his offspring have earned almost 5 million Euros in the jumping sport today.


The famous NRW stallion Pilot

the Northrhine-Westphalian State Stud: More Than Just Breeding

In addition to their breeding programs, State Stud stallions are also successfully competed at horse shows, their successes serving as excellent advertisements for the quality and talent of the Westphalian sport horse.  State Stud owned Sunday NRW is an excellent example of a talented young dressage stallion who has been a 2 time finalist at the world championships for young dressage horses as well as at our national Bundeschampionate.


Currently, the State Stud offers 21 training internship places for young riding or breeding professionals.  The State Stud is a recognized training center for qualified personnel in the field of insemination techniques.


Stallion Testing has taken place at the State Stud sine 1906.  Since 1997,  coldbloods are also being tested in a one-day field test.  and there is a 30-day test for Halflinger stallions as well.


Kaltbluts and Haflinger stallions in the NRW State Stud Parade


Our traditional Stallion Parades occur on four dates in September and October and in the middle of August we offer our Symphony of Stallions.


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NRW stallion Arpeggio