Service 365

Did you know that breeders of Westfalen breed over 3,500 registered foals per year, and is second only to Hannover in the number of successful young stock it produces each year? Though we host 7 auctions per year, including our pony and foal auction, our selectors know that there are many more talented candidates not seen at auction that  now can be purchased through our Internal Sales Team at Service 365.  

Service 365 provides you the opportunity to view our extensive selection of talented horses year round.  We will to escort you to our Westfalen breeders and owners establishments.   Simply provide us with your requirements and the dates you would like to visit.

Also to view,  are the 20 horses that are for sale and  in training at our center at any one time.  All purchases through Service 365 carry the same guarantees of top quality vetting and include the insurance coverage of pre-existing conditions for each horse.

We have a good selection of talented Dressage and Show Jumping youngsters and those who show talent for Eventing and  the American Hunter discipline.


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For more information about viewing these horses in Westphalia,  please contact Rhegan White or our sales team.


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