Westphalian OnLive Stallion Sales for Riding Ponies

Highly successful pilot project in Münster-Handorf

Münster: The riding horse licensing in Westphalia was immediately followed by the riding pony and small horse licensing. For the first time, the Westphalian Stud Book held an OnLive stallion sale for licensed and non licensed riding pony stallions and riding pony youngsters. 14 licensing candidates and one three-year-old mare were for sale. 13 of the offered riding ponies changed hands with a total turnover of 222,250 euros. Right at the beginning, head number 1 aroused the highest desires. The premium stallion will travel to Austria at the hammer price of 41,000 Euros.

After the successful riding horse licensing in Münster-Handorf, the wheel continues to turn at the Westphalian Stud Book quickly. Within the small horse licensing stallion sale and youngster auction for riding ponies took place for the first time in the form of an OnLive auction. The auction candidates had already been at the Westphalian Horse Centre for a photo and video session. The lot of 14 young stallions was completed by a three-year-old riding pony mare. After the announcement of the licensing decisions, two premium, eight licensed and four non licensed riding pony stallions were for sale at the auction. At an average price of 17,096 Euros, 13 of these changed hands. Six will start their breeding or sport careers with their new owners outside of Germany. Germany.

The highest desires were aroused this afternoon by head number 1. The licensed and premium stallion by Neverland WE/Cyrill WE (breeder: Katharina Hadeler, Rahden; exhibitor: Danica Duen, Bad Oeyenhausen) impressed all along the line. During the presentations of the last days he convinced the the licensing commission and customers worldwide. An exciting bidding duell was fought online by customers from Denmark, Germany and Austria. In the end, a new customer from Austria had the most staying power. At the hammer price of 41,000 euros, the bay stallion out of the dam line of the Bundeschampion RM Golden Pleasure, changed hands to the Bachinger Stables GmbH to Austria. The quality stallion will not be travelling alone. Four more times the Bachinger Stables GmbH was successful in the bidding duels in Münster-Handorf. With online bids they acquired the licensed FS Golden Highlight/Hesselteichs Golden Dream son Goldjunge with the head number 3 (breeder: Sebastian Kottig, Gronau-Epe; exhibitor: ZG Deitert Schöppingen). They invested 19,500 Euros for the chestnut stallion out of a highly successful dam line. In addition to the two licensed stallions, three other non licensed stallions are travelling to Austria. With the head numbers 11, 12 and 13, the customers, who bought riding ponies for the first time at a Westphalian auction, purchased sons of Heitholms Dance Awac/FS Numero Uno, Dating AT NRW/Calvin Klein as well as D-Gold AT NRW/Calvin Klein.

The second premium stallion offered for sale with the head number 2 of this auction changed hands at the second highest price. An exciting bidding duel took place in the auction hall. Several parties fought hard for the surcharge of Dotcom vH v. D-Gold AT NRW/Danilo (breeder: Angela vom Hofe, Wuppertal; exhibitor: ZG Schurf/Langenhan-Schurf, Bedburg). The cremello stallion captivates with his quality of movement and appearance. The hammer of auctioneer Thomas Münch fell at a price of 36,000 Euros.

The third most expensive auction candidate was a strikingly marked son of Dreisimensional I AT NRW/Dimension AT NRW (breeder and exhibitor: Emily Hülsey, Kaarst). The licensed stallion with the head number 8 and the name Dance Monkey EH was worth 27,000 Euros to his new owners. The black stallion with a white tail presented himself in a beautiful jacket with a lot of movement quality.

With this auction the Westphalian Studbook ends the auction year 2022 with about 860 sales and a total turnover of 18 Mio. Euro.