Successful pilot project

"Eventers from Westphalia" with good results

Münster: With the motto "Eventers from Westphalia", the Westfälisches Pferdestammbuch organised an online auction for future eventing horses for the first time. The young horses for cross-country were popular. A total of ten future evnting horses were up for sale. Eight of them found a new owner. On average, the customers invested 17,656 Euros.

A successful pilot project came to an end that evening at the Westphalian Stud Book. For the first time, the online auction "Eventing from Westphalia" was exclusively dedicated to young cross-country horses. Six already ridden riding horses and four youngsters were for sale in this auction. Eight of them were able to find a new owner on this day. On average, the new eventing customers invested 17,656 Euros.

The most popular horse of the evening was Salomon with the head number 4. The six-year-old Sweet Hero/Langata Express xx son (breeder: Antonius Kleinebrummel, Gütersloh; exhibitor: Clemens Brüggemann and Antonius Kleinebrummel, Gütersloh) is already well trained and thus a horse to start directly in the upcoming competition season. With the necessary thoroughbred connection, he will give his new owner great pleasure in eventing. A customer from Germany invested 37,000 Euros in the chestnut gelding.

"This pilot project has shown us that the market for eventing horses is definitely there. We will evaluate the results of this auction and make the necessary adjustments. Basically, we are looking forward to a second edition of this format," summarises auction manager Thomas Münch.