Nomen est Omen

De Luxe and Spektakulär are the best paid youngsters of the evening

Münster: The top prices at today's Youngster Auction of the Westfälisches Pferdestammbuch lived up to their names. De Luxe jumped to the top price of 53,000 Euros with the head number 1. Among the dressage horses, Spektakulär danced his way to the highest price of 47,000 Euros. On average, the customers invested 20,688 Euros in the 16 youngsters sold.

The names of the two price peaks in the dressage and show jumping camps lived up to their names at the online auction of the Westfälisches Pferdestammbuch this evening. Already at the pre-selection, the two youngsters with the head numbers 1 and 2 impressed with their capacity and quality of movement. The most expensive horse of the evening at this auction is a future jumper. With the head number 1 and the significant name De Luxe, the stallion presented himself in the auction lot. Endowed with type beauty and endless capacity, he attracted the bids right from the start. The son of Del'Arko d'Henvet/Lancer III (breeder: Bernd Richter, Ladbergen; exhibitor: Philipp Richter, Münster) descends from the highly successful dam line of Clinton I (D.Demeersman/BEL) and Contact van de Heffinck (T.Hassmann/GER). He changed hands for the top price of 53,000 Euros. Spektakulär is not only the name of the best paid youngster with a dressage pedigree. With the head number 2, the son of Sir Heinrich/Florestan I (breeder: Friedrich Möhle, Hille; exhibitor: IB Berger Reit- und Turnierpferde GmbH, Sulzbach-Rosenberg) danced himself into the hearts of the auction customers. Three outstanding basic gaits and an impressive quality of movement make this chestnut stallion a future star in the dressage ring. His dam line also produced the Fürstenball daughter Four Seasons, who won the European Young Rider Team Championships with Alexa Westendarp in the saddle. For 47,000 Euros Spektakulär will be at home in Spain in the future.

With the head number 5, a representative of the Small German Riding Horse was for sale for the first time in a Westphalian auction. The licensed son of Galileo/Fürst Donnerbube (breeder and exhibitor: Hausalaquint Reitsport GmbH, Mettmann) is a high-quality young athlete. After a long bidding duel between Germany and Switzerland, he remains in the Federal Republic for the knockdown price of 21,500 Euros.

Of the 22 youngsters offered for sale, 16 changed hands this evening. In total, the horses sold turned over 331,000 Euros. Four of the horses sold will be based outside of Germany in the future. The customers from a total of four different countries invested an average of 20,688 Euros in their future hope.

Those who have not yet been successful in buying a youngster this evening will have two more chances in Westphalia in March. The next Westphalian Youngster Auctions will take place on March 14 and 28. Under the motto "Eventers from Westphalia", an online auction for young eventing horses will take place on March 21. From the unridden youngster to be trained by oneself to the young star who is successful in competitions, no wishes remain unfulfilled. The collection will be available for viewing this week at