James Burtwell Qualifies FIVE Westphalian Auction horses for the Winter Championships

British Dressage rider, trainer & list 2A judge James Burtwell has qualified an impressive 5 horses

British Dressage rider, trainer & list 2A judge James Burtwell has qualified  an impressive 5 horses at Novice and Elementary levels for the 2017 Winter British Dressage Championships at Hartpury College 13th – 17th April 2107.

 “I am delighted and bursting with pride to have these five beautiful horses at Winchfield Equestrian” said James.  “All five were purchased at the Westphalian Sport Horse Auctions over the past four years and have been progressing their training here with us.”

 It is an amazing achievement for one rider to qualify five horses for the Winter Championships and even more remarkable that all the rides were bought at Westphalian Sport Horse Auctions auctions in Munster, Germany!

 James first visited the Westphalian Studbook Elite Auction in April  2014 with clients Jules  Walker and Stephanie Worton.   The first purchase was made by Mrs Walker, who chose the wonderful Lady Liberty, Lissaro/Florestan.  Impressed with not only the quality of the horses but also the service, atmosphere and support given by the Westphalian staff, Team JB has since returned again and again and to date has purchased TEN horses.

 “Running a busy dressage training and competition yard, teaching and judging leaves little time to source quality dressage horses.  Driving for hours to see one horse is the norm here in the UK, but by working with the Westphalian Sport Auctions, we can we now go and see at least twenty over a few days!  For us this represents an incredibly cost effective exercise – both in terms of money and man hours!”

 Client Stephanie Worton bought Sonny V son of Cologne/Laure CrusaderHe is entered in four classes at the Championships and ridden by James.

“Sonny was my first auction purchase and I loved him from the minute I set eyes on him.” says Stephanie.   “I was convinced I wanted a bay gelding with a white star and with Sonny I got this and so much more.  He is a delightful character, a divine mover and tries hard every day to please his rider.”