The Westphalian Stallion Licensing: Young Stallion Auction

Stallion Grading & Licensing

The Stallion Licensing is a time honored tradition which happens in the first week of December.  A panel of 6 judges including our own Managing Director,  Mr. Wilken Treu,  carefully choose finalists from a group of 70 stallions over 3 days.  Judged on their pedigree, confirmation, temperament and movement,  the finalists are registered as Graded Breeding Stallions for the Westfalen Stud Book.  The Subsequent Stallion Auction on the Wednesday has a large selection of approximately 50 graded and non-graded stallions. 

This is an opportunity to buy some wonderfully talented young stock for breeding and riding at reasonable prices. Stallions that are not licensed still have the potential to be exceptional sport horses as well as to be licensed by other breeding associations in North America or Great Britain.

For more information contact our Auction team.